Ron Cunningham

Hi, welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy the images that I have taken.

When doing photography I try to capture a moment in time and allow the viewer to feel that moment.

I have been doing photography, in some form, since I was a little boy. I remember my parents using their Brownie camera, look it up if you’re too young, and I remember my first camera being a Kodak. This was a long thin camera where the handle was the cover and you had to add a ten flash unit for a flash. We then moved onto a Polaroid and I always thought it was great that you could get the photography immediately.

We I was an adult i bought my a Minolta camera that I could change aperture and shutter speed. This really got me excited, especially when I received a photography with a sticker on it “This is a good composition”

I then went several years of not doing any photography until recently when I bought myself a Nikon D7000, then a D500. Since buying those cameras I have started looking into all the possibilities that photography has. This has led me to setting up this website and my Instagram page.

When I’m not taking pictures I am working as a Paramedic, training for triathlon and camping with my wife.

Thank you again for taking time to look over my website.