Getting out and taking photographs...even after surgery.

Sorry guys but I know it’s been a while.

I actually have no excuse for not posting a blog before this except procrastination. 

Just over 4 weeks ago I was playing a Padel Tennis match, with my wife, and there was a couple of shots that came towards me and I only saw them at the last second. This was strange but I put it down to being really, really tired. I had worked 11 12 hour shifts in the previous 13 days!!!

A couple of days later whilst at work I became aware of a line in the vision of my right eye that wasn’t clear. This made reading a bit difficult. 

On the Tuesday night I was playing Padel Tennis, again, and I fresh aired so many balls and just couldn’t see properly. Needless to say we got hammered!! 

That night I made an appointment with the eye doctor, opthalmologist not optician, the next morning.  

At the appointment they noticed i had a detached retina! 

Now this is a serious condition so I was fast tracked to the hospital, I only went to a clinic for initial appointment, and eventually operated on in the afternoon!!! 

Now that was the bad thing, over. 

For the first week I couldn’t do very much, especially as I was constantly putting drops in my eye, every hour!!! 

Not doing much meant I spent a lot of time on social media. Doing this I found a local photography group that had just started. Through a couple of comments I made, constructively, I began chatting to a guy, lets call him Mike......cause that’s his name :) 

Mike lived in the building opposite me and went out every night for a walk with his camera. So I decided to tag along one night.  

This was amazing!! 

We instantly hit it off and headed out taking pics of our local area. It also meant I was doing more photography than I normally would. 

I am now 4-5 weeks post op, vision in my right eye is nearly sorted, slight blurriness at the bottom so reading is difficult. Therefore post-processing is still difficult as I look down to the pc, iPad or whatever.

But this negative has allowed to meet up with someone new and a new group.  

So always take the positives out of a situation.

Here’s some images from my evening strolls. 

Till next time, bye.