The Holy Grail of Photography........getting published!

It’s now into the start of May, as you’ll know by the date on the blog!

A couple of months ago, on Facebook, I replied to post on N-Photo magazine page asking for people to send in 5 images that could possibly be used as a portfolio for publication. 

Never in a month of Sundays did I ever think this would actually happen to me!!! 

Approximately an hour after sending my 5 images I received an email saying they liked my images but did I have any other images of other buildings in Abu Dhabi? My 5 images were of Sheikh Zayed Mosque and Gate Towers.  

Panic set in as I wasn’t sure I had any!!!! 


I found 1 other picture of Etihad Towers and the hotels beside them. So I sent this in. 

I then received another reply to say they likes everyone and will publish them in the May issue of the magazine, out on 11th April.  

After a few weeks of not hearing anything I eventually received an email with a PSF of the article, from this I presumed it was going to be my 3 images on a small part of one page......oh how wrong I was!!! 

The magazine was published on 11th April and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive here in UAE so I subscribed to the magazine. When I saw the publication I was completely speechless, those who know me know that this doesn’t happen often!! 

It was a 3 page spread!! 

3 pages!!! 

One for each photograph!! 


Now after a few weeks I still cant believe it. My daughter bought 3 copies, apparently she got a strange loo from the guy that served her :) One for her, one for my parents and one for prosperity.  

I bought 2, one for showing off, well why not? And one for prosperity. 


Below is the first page of the article, if you want to see the rest go buy the magazine. 

So always keep going for what you want because you never know what is waiting round the corner. 

Thanks for reading this and till next time...