Is trying to be “seen” as a photographer worth it?

Ok, I’ve being taking my photography seriously for the past couple of years and apparently I’m doing ok...not my words, other peoples! 

Because of this goodwill gesture to increase my confidence I, as most photographers do, decided to try and increase my “brand”, basically my name on social media. 

First of all I don’t have a big following on Facebook: Personal page has 106 friends and my photography page 75 followers. The  

I tried Instagram and got fed up with the constant having to post something to attract followers so I deleted my account. Then things happened that having an Instagram account would be beneficial so I started it back up with the full intention of being more focused. 

This focus has continued to the point of hiring a social media company to try and increase my followers, with the goal of making it a bit in Instagram. This is working, so far. I’ve increased from 388 to 648 as I write.


There’s always a but...

But, there is times where I think to myself “is it worth it?”

Is it worth having to upload images regularly? 

Is it worth it when you keep looking at your account wondering why nothing is happening? 

Don’t get me wrong, posting an image and seeing the likes and comments coming in is a great feeling, and I appreciate everybody that takes time to do this. 

It’s a similar things with this blog, “does anyone actually read it?” 

If not then what’s the point? 

I don’t need to write my feelings on a blog, I know them, they’re in my head. 

As I said earlier, it’s great to be acknowledged but on the other side it’s crap to not be! 

I feel social media is there to make the already known more known and the little players stay small.  My opinion is the opposite, 

Social media should make the smaller users more public, the big account already have their million or so followers so why give them more, channel the ‘algorithm’ to smaller account to make then grow. 

If you agree comment, also if you are reading this, firstly thank you very much, secondly well done for getting this far, and finally comment to let me know if you enjoyed this blog and my others. It’ll mean a lot.