Sometimes exhibiting your photographs isn’t worth the money.

Ok, as I said I went out and did some landscape photography.

I went to a different location but photographed the same building I’ve photographed a few times, a different angle is like a new location.

But what I want to talk out is one of the recurring things I read online, on Facebook forums, websites and YouTube videos which is people always wanting money off our service as photographers.

So why did I go for the cheaper option?

The story behind this is:

A local gallery, which shall remain nameless, you’ll realise why later, had an exhibition of art. As i’m trying to get my name known I decided to enter. It was for just over 1 week and it cost…..a lot!

But that’s not for discussion, ok?

I took 2 of my pictures in, that were already framed, and spoke with the staff who looked at my work and recommended showing 4 other pictures.

Now, in the same building that I live in there is a gallery-come-printing and framing shop. And they are very good. Some people have said they are expensive but as I don’t know anywhere else, then I don’t know!!

This is where cost became more than quality.

The guy at the gallery said he could get the same work done cheaper. So I thought, ok, and it will be easier to have it in the gallery for the start of the exhibition.

Oh how wrong could I be!!!!

The exhibition was due to start at 1900, I arrived, all excited, at 1830.

I’m always early.

Went looking for my 6 photographs and found 2!!! The 2 that I had already given them framed.

On asking what was happening I was told that the other pictures were on the way.

Now, I don’t tolerated incompetence very well. So at 2100 they still hadn’t arrived and I was raging!! So much sports that my wife and I had go for food, just so I got away from the gallery.

At 2130 my pictures arrived. What was worse is the frames were cheap rubbish and the quality of the prints was worse!

I wouldn’t even buy my pictures the way they were!!

Well now the exhibition is over and I’ve picked up my pictures I will never go anywhere near the gallery again.

And my lesson is learnt.

If we are not happy giving less money for our services then why should we expect anything less when we need something done?