Stop photographing the same thing, get out of you comfort zone!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to do something completely different with my photography.

As you can see throughout my social media, I mainly do landscape photography. This is because I enjoy it, surprisingly enough. I enjoy getting outside and taking photographs of the world as I see it. I’ve dabbled in wildlife photography, mind you I don’t think a zoo really counts as wildlife!

Apparently, I’m reasonably good at landscape and wildlife photography, I say apparently because I have an issue agreeing with, like everyone, that says this. When someone says “you’re really good”, “you have a good eye” I usually shrug my shoulder and reply “ugh”. This is due to a confidence issue.

Anyway, I digress! You’ll get used to this as my blogs go on.

So, last weekend….

My wife is a fitness instructor at local gyms, one of which had a relaunch of new releases of classes. The previous photographer for the relaunches was unable to do it so I was suggested by a friend, who also works at the gym. Eventually, I was given the green light to take photographs during 2 mornings.

Here comes a point of debate from throughout the web……….I did it for free, yes FREE!

My decision to do it for free was because I had never done anything like this AND I’m just starting AND the gym is quite a well known place in the city AND all photographs would have my logo on it and credited on social media.

Back to the weekend…

Two mornings from 0800 - 1330, taking photographs of different classes, in different light situations, with people moving about! It was a challenge and it was extremely tiring.

Fortunately, the photographs came out not bad. So can’t argue. For this I have to give credit to my Nikon D500 which did amazing in the low light with high ISO. I love this camera, but, shhhhhh, I was thinking of changing it to a full frame camera, don’t tell the D500 I said that!

It was good to get out of my comfort zone and do something else, it was good to challenge myself, it was good to make me think more about taking the shots, made me think about composition, made me constantly think about the huge, I mean HUGE, mirrors round both sides of the studio!! Nothing worse than thinking you had a good shot then see yourself in the mirror!!

Point to remember: when taking photographs in a room with mirrors, ALWAYS remember your cloaking device!

So, doing something that scares the crap out of you, challenges you, makes you question your sanity, makes you watch umpteen YouTube videos, is actually good for you!

Get out there and do something different!

Me? I’m off to do some landscape photography .


RPM sweat-1.jpg
Pump45 stage-1.jpg